Thomas Babb (1754-1810) – In His Own Words

This speech, by Thomas Babb, was quoted in The Exeter Flying Post or Trewman’s Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser, on 12 Jun 1806.

216 years have passed! But thanks to the diligent work of the people at, we are able to read it today. A find like this was virtually unheard of ten years ago and it speaks to just how fast technology continues to change the world of Genealogy.

Thomas was an important man in Newton Abbot, Devon. At different times he is listed as a Reverend, an Esquire (in those days it was meant to convey a man of stature), and a Lieutenant in the Haytor Regiment of Volunteer Infantry in the Royal Navy. He was one of the benefactors of a school that educated the poorest of Devon’s inhabitants.

He has also been featured on this blog twice before:

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By the time of this article in 1806, he was still a Major and had not yet achieved his final rank of Lieutenant.

I’ve included the whole page here and highlighted the area of interest in boxes. His name is mentioned 3 times near the bottom of the second column and his speech continues to the top of the third column.

You get to hear his direct thoughts about this guy once again. LOL

Napoleon Bonaparte. Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821 at the battle. Detail of a painting by Joseph Chabord 1786-1848. Museo Napoleonico, Rome Italy

Thomas hails from a Tree that has not been Y-DNA tested yet. He is the Progenitor of his tree which is named: Devon Pedigree (Newton Abbot 1780) 11. This tree was previously named Devon Pedigree 11 under Ian Babb’s system.

If the cover picture for this article looks familiar, then you’ve been paying attention. It is a Photochrom of St Leonard’s Tower, 1895. I used it recently when posting about Nicholas Babb who was being held a prisoner of war in Verdun, France by Napoleon. We can’t say with certainty that the two men were related, but they easily could be.

Nicholas Babb’s Pedigree Reveals Itself – Babb Unabridged

The Exeter Flying Post or Trewman’s Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser,
12 Jun 1806

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