Nicholas Babb’s Pedigree Reveals Itself

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This article is the conclusion of Nicholas Babb’s story and is a continuation of Napoleon Was a Giant Jerk! (Part 2) – Babb Unabridged

This story continues to blossom and every time I believe I’m at the end of the road I find more information or just think of a different angle that I hadn’t explored.

This morning as I was tidying up the entries for Nicholas in the family tree, I decided to take a look at his Pedigree again. We already knew that his father was named William. Much earlier in my quest to obtain all the Devon Babb records, I was unable to determine who William’s father was. There are three possible Williams, all of whom were possible matches for our William. With nothing more to go on at that time, I had placed a note on William’s birth record recording the birth dates of the 3 possible matches.

Having all but concluded my Devon research, I am now in a much better position to make sure matches than I was at the beginning of this process.

Looking through the 3 available options, I found that one of them had died prior to the birth of Nicholas. So, now I just had two Williams to choose from. The answer was just sitting there staring me in the face. One of the two had the recurring names of Nicholas and William in its Pedigree along with other repeating names of children. Double checking the locations of members on either side I found complete parity. It was an obvious match.

Nicholas’ Pedigree was previously named (Devon Pedigree 21 under Ian Henry Babb’s system) despite being a mere fragment of a line. So, once merged we were able to add 200+ years onto his Pedigree, which is now named Devon Pedigree (Newton Abbot 1592) 21.

At this time, I do not see any 20th Century descendants of this Pedigree. However, if you find names below that are common to your own family tree, please contact me by commenting on the article.

The report on this Pedigree is included below:

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