Devon Migration Map: 1456-1750

In the time period of 1700-1750 we see a significant shift outside of their Babb Garden of Eden. The reach now extends to most of the modern area locations we find significant clusters of Babbs. Locations surrounding the known Genetic Lineages are starting to abound, indicating that they are likely relatives of those nearby houses.

Halberton is entirely surrounded now, though it only has a connection back to Wolborough at this time. As a reminder, there is a possibility that the Gryphons of Halberton are actually an offshoot of the Dragons of Somerset. However, at this time it cannot be ruled in or out.

The Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh didn’t see any new connections in this time period. However, several Babb encampments are creeping towards the area as Okehampton, North Bovey and South Tawton extend their reach.

The Falcons of Fremington have yet to make their formal appearance (and won’t until 1844), but already potential matches loom coming from Exeter and Doddiscombsleigh to the nearby community of Barnstaple.

Devon Migration Map: 1456-1750 – Courtesy Bing Maps

On the far Western side of Devon, we see the county border town of St. Giles on the Heath arrive on the scene. The Marriage record is one of the first I’ve seen with a Devon-Cornwall connection. However, it isn’t exactly what one might expect:

Marriage of George Babb of St Giles [in the Heath], yeoman and Sara Pilton of Great Torrington, spinster
Repository: Devon Heritage Centre
Reference number: DEX/7/b/2/1709/1
Description: Bond: George Babb and Thomas Parkins of Exeter, yeoman.
Date: 29th January 1709

For a reason that isn’t clear to me the record is stored at England’s National Archives with the Cornwall Marriage Bonds. The location of the town that they were married in, is likely the reason, but it isn’t listed in the Abstract that was provided.

Next Stop: 1800!

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