Devon Migration Map: 1456-1700

The migration patterns of almost 250 years have now come into focus. Welcome to the Spaghetti Bowl! I could see this coming when I was inputting the church records late last year. There are so many connections that it is very hard to follow.

In preparation for today, I’ve enhanced the resolution of the map below to full Print-Quality for the best possible viewing when you click on the image for the full-sized map.

Note that although the Arms for the Y-DNA proven lineages are on the map below, most of them have yet to arrive on the scene with their current earliest known records. Only the Dragons of Somerset on the upper right is already established (1510).

Devon Migration Map 1456-1700 – Courtesy of Bing Maps

I’ve now fully scrubbed the list through 1700 and created an Excel document to better help me to track compliance on the map. I’ll post the file once I’ve got it completed to help those who don’t learn through the map.


In this map we see the first records appear in Halberton (Gryphons) & Hatherleigh (Good Shepherds), which are home to two of our Genetic Lineages. Those are not linked to any other cities as of 1700 and they do not yet connect with the genetic lineages themselves. However, you can easily see the family closing in on these Y-DNA locations all across the map.

Doddiscombsleigh continues to grow in importance as it connects to Dunchideock, Newton St Cyres and Heavitree. The latter being the Ducke family that were the next Lords of the Manor of Doddiscombsleigh. This happened when John Babb, The Lord of Doddiscombsleigh, died without any heirs. He left the estate to his family who descended through his sister Agnis, who married Richard Ducke.

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