Today’s Stop: Plymouth

Today’s stop is a big one! It includes 2.5 cities in one. You find records under Stoke Damerel, Devonport or Plymouth. The two combined contain 87 Records dating back to 1590. I found over 1500 junk records that were outside of my query as they were after 1841 but were stored by as Text Fields so their system isn’t able to filter them properly.

There should be significant potential for crossover connections here!

Plymouth, Devon, England

Or, that is how it would have seemed! <DEEP SIGH>

The lines were heavily fragmented and didn’t provide any meaningful matches to existing trees or to each other. As a result we now have 14 new Pedigrees which contain a mere 43 people. Many of the lines are apparent dead ends for the Babb surname due to an extremely high infant mortality rate.

Still, I’ve studiously incorporated them into the Master Tree in hopes that they will prove valuable to future research. Although I present this as a single day’s work it actually took about 3 from start to finish.

Just 1355 Early Devon Records to go!

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