The DNA Waiting Game Begins – Cornwall Edition

I was contacted tonight by a descendant of the line we know as Cornwall Pedigree 02. To date I have never met anyone of any Cornwall lineage that could help facilitate a Y-DNA test and I might have trouble sleeping tonight out of pure excitement.

Why is that you ask?

Well, we in the US have been searching for our connection back to England to know where we came from. It is pure and simple but the answer has eluded many Genealogists before me and my life’s mission is to solve this puzzle.

We have successfully eliminated the Babbs of every County/Shire in England sept for 2 (Cornwall and Devon). They are clearly the nexus of the Babb surname and account for more than 40 disparate trees that cannot be connected using the paper trail.

What has happened

So, with the help of this descendant I’ve got a Y-DNA test steaming across the ocean to Australia so that her 95 year old Great Grandfather can do a cheek swab.

These moments are few and far between, but I’m so elated that the community we have founded has enough presence to attract those who thought they were the only Babbs in the world.

We welcome them and if you identify with any lineage that comes through Devon or Cornwall, England, please contact me directly. Once I understand your lineage I’m happy to pay for your Y-DNA test so that we can solve this eternal question…where do we come from?


I”m off to bed now after a great evenings work. 🙂

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