Could this horse hold the key to a missing Babb lineage?

Howard and PeepawayA follower of my blog sent me this curious picture of a man on his horse and believes that there is some connection to the Babb family. Her mother always kept this picture, but never disclosed the reasons why. On the back it reads “Howard and Peep-a-way Jan-13 1946”.

This was a very difficult period in the Netherlands as they began to uncover from German Occupation in WWII.

We don’t know Howard’s last name, but a web search revealed a racing form from 1924, which lists Peepaway’s trainer as J. H. Babbs. Here is the full text of the racing form:

Full text of “Daily Racing Form: n. Thursday, April 24, 1924”…/drf1924042401_djvu.txt

420 to 100 show. Winner — T. M. Irwin’s eh. c. by Peter Quince — Peepaway, by Peep o’Day (trained by J. H. Babbs; bred hy Mr. B. Coombs), Went to post at 3:14. .At post 3 niinutea. Start goo<i and slow. Won easily; second and third driving. Scratched- -(78.520) Uncle Abe, 107; 77788 Thor, 112; 77961 Jean Melville. 105.

I see no record of any Babb(s) in the Netherlands and don’t know where to start hunting for this one. So, I thought I would throw it out and see if there were any hardy horse racing enthusiasts who could help us get to the bottom of this.

Is J. H. Babb the same man as Howard? Do horses even live that long? You tell me what I’m missing here.




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