Reunion Recap/New Board Elected

Reunion Recap/New Board Elected: 

The 2018 Babb Family Reunion is over now and I wanted to share some updates for those who were unable to attend in person.

We had a really great working reunion and I think this was the most productive event ever. On Thursday we worked to level the ground at the Babb Farm Cemetery to allow the Sons of the American Revolution better access as they mow and tend the graves.

We then toured Babb’s Mill and the adjoining cemetery. The Mill was built and operated by Phillip Babb, Sr (1-2-2-1) in approximately 1786. Phillip was the original Babb pioneer in Greene County, TN and Seth’s father. In the heat of the afternoon we retreated to the comfort of our host hotel, The General Morgan and traded stories in the lobby until dinner time, where we escaped to a comfort food restaurant Fatz Country Café. There is much more to share about the Mill. Watch for a separate post about that.

Friday, we headed down to Seth’s Homestead to put the finishing touches in before it opening it to the public on Saturday. We have a few modern amenities in the homestead to provide for its security. Electricity has been added to improve lighting, allow for Fire Detection and an alarm system with movement sensors. Soon a Lock Box will be installed on the side of the building opposite of the road that will allow the Fire Department to gain access in the event of a fire without having to kick out the doors and windows.


Family came from miles around to donate items that had once been a part of the Homestead and we made this Homestead into a Home. I could picture people living in the home for the first time and got a little teary eyed when it had all come together.

Saturday we had a full house as we welcomed in the public for the first time and showed off this treasure. We estimate 110 visitors arrived to meet the 40 Babb descendants in attendance. For dinner on both Friday & Saturday we dined at Greeneville’s best restaurant, Brumley’s. I did a video walkthrough of the Homestead on Facebook Live and despite a little bit of chaos, it is very informative. You can view it here:


We topped off the weekend with some official business electing a slate of new officers, who will be responsible for a variety of tasks. 4 of the new officers are from the new generation of Babbs who have been attending most of their lives. They are now smart young men who can help assure the longevity of the organization and of the Homestead itself.


New Board:

Our new Board of Directors (2018-2021) consists of:

President: Keith Babb
Vice-President: Ryan Tucker (also 2019 Reunion Coordinator)
Officer: Eric Wust
Officer: Jon McCroskey
Officer: Spencer Wust
Newsletter Editor: Debbie Babb Rousseau
Cruise Director: Karen Babb Tucker
Farm Cemetery Leads: Kathy Babb Wust & Brenda Babb McCroskey
Genealogist: Daniel Greig Babb

You will start hearing from a variety of these board members on this blog in the near future and it is our hope that by broadly expanding the board we can make light work of the duties facing the BFA. It will also allow me to focus exclusively on research and bringing home that elusive connection to England.


More to Come:

There is lots more to share and I’ll be bringing it to you as I’m able to prepare it.

Please pencil in Father’s Day weekend 2019 for our upcoming reunion in Winchester, VA and watch for upcoming details shortly.


Daniel Greig Babb

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  1. I am a granddaughter of Elizabeth Babb Green Sellers, sister to Cherokee Bill Babb. So nice to find this site.

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