Reunion Handout/ Call for Shovels & Wheelbarrows

BabbFarmCemeterysignBrenda & Kathy put together a fantastic handout for the 2012 reunion that tells the history of each place and gives directions on how to get there. I highly recommend printing out page 3 to take along on the trip, especially if you plan to strike out on your own. My mom, sister and I will be arriving in Greeneville on Wednesday and I plan to meet with one of the heads of the Museum Board of Directors to talk over the plan for the coming days. After that, we will be free for dinner with anyone else who is in town already.

For anyone who is local, we have a need on Thursday morning for a several shovels & wheelbarrows to help spread some soil at the Babb Farm Cemetery. Kathy will have the dirt on hand. We will likely run over a bit on our schedule due to this and I’ll try to have some snacks on hand to get us through until we can have lunch back in Greeneville. Should we run over too much, we will use some of our built-in free time to return and finish the job.

Handout 2012 Reunion



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