A Stupendous Week!

In the last few days I’ve made contact with two different Babbs of importance to our lineage!

The first was a descendant of the Babbs families of Staffordshire, England, whose DNA could help finally prove a connection from the US Babbs back to England. Could it be the lineage of Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals, The Babbs of North Carolina/Eastern Virginia or the Babbs of Maryland? Or as DNA research has proven so many times before, None of the Above?

The Babb families of Staffordshire are the largest untested lineage of Babbs remaining in England. Their 8 different family trees have not been reunited with any others thus far due to the lack of an appropriate descendant to DNA test. I’ve extended an offer to conduct this test at The Association’s expense and am awaiting confirmation now.

Jewel BabbToday, I was contacted by a grandchild of the Border Healing Woman, Jewel Babb of whose name many of you are already aware. She was featured in a book that told of her life that was published shortly before her death. The grandchild has graciously agreed to write a story for my blog to tell her memories of Jewel’s life.

I’m so charged  to make connection to two such great opportunities that will help us all to learn more about our family trees!

These are the big advance we have all been  waiting for! Please join me in welcoming them to our family!


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