DNA Waiting Game begins anew

We have a fresh season of the DNA Waiting Game starting up. Yesterday I met a member of the Buckinghamshire Pedigree 01 lineage that has agreed to be tested. He currently lives in England and as he met the pre-requisite of me being able to track his lineage, the Babb Family Association has paid for his Y-DNA 37 test. This offer still stands for other Male Babbs who live in England. Please private message me or reply to this post to get qualified. Once we prove his lineage, I’ll be sending him the relevant Babb Unabridged volumes for his family as a thank you gift.

Buckinghamshire is just to the North and West of London and is often loosely referred to as Bucks or Buckingham. It is home to 3 pedigrees. Follow the links below to review the Descendants of each line:

DNA ConferenceYou will notice that these families are likely related. The early cities mentioned are a mere 8 miles (13 Kilometers) apart and very close to Heathrow Airport. Proving them out is the long term goal of this project.

So, when we find the connection for one of these lines, we will likely be able to draw a conclusion as to where all 3 originate. Will they be a part of one of the 4 lines of Babbs already genetically proven in England, or will we finally prove a link to the US Babbs? Or will they become a new 8th lineage?

Only time will tell! Expect a 2-3 month total wait time on this due to the shipping and processing time involved.

While I have your attention, the sale on DNA tests lasts through the end of this month and I’d love to add 5-10 more candidates to the game. So, don’t delay!

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