Grammie Carrie (McLoud) Babb (Circa 1880)

This photo only came with the description “Grammie Carrie Babb”. It was a little hard to track down. Fortunately the attached card (called a cabinet card) had the location of Lynn. I know that to be Lynn, Massachusetts, which is a well known location for a branch of the Babbs.

I did a quick Bing Maps check on the address listed and found it was a valid street address in Lynn, MA. So, I knew she must be nearby. I didn’t have a Carrie in the database who lived in Lynn, so I broadened my search to include all of Massachusetts and she popped right up. I did have a little confusion separating her husband from her son, as they both have the same name.

She was born Carrie A. McLoud in Apr 1857, Maine. She married Charles W. Babb (1-3-1-1-1-6-7-1) 27 May 1877 in Kennebec, Maine. They were in Lynn by 1880 and this picture likely dates to about that timeframe. Charles is a descendant of Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals (1), through his son Philip (with one L)(1-3).

Grammie Carrie (McLoud) Babb

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