The Falcon Babbs (of Devon, England)

Today I’d like to introduce you to the first DNA proven lineage of Devon, which is also known as Devon Pedigree 01. We stumbled across this tree in one of our early DNA attempts when we didn’t yet understand the complexity of the Babb line in Devon. We had mistakenly believed that we could connect Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals, Maine with one of the Devon lineages by doing a DNA test.

What we found instead was yet another line. Which seems to keep happening, but we will get there eventually.

new-babb-crest-devon-falcons-of-fremington2016As I mentioned in my post The Somerset Dragons (of Somerset, England), every DNA Proven lineage gets its own mascot and crest. The Crest used to represent this great house of Babbs is NOT historic, but a modern interpretation of what a crest for this family might look like. It draws upon a popular theme in English heraldry, which is the Falcon. Using mascots will help everyone to remember which lineage they are a part of. Only lines proven via DNA have a mascot and crest. The line dates back to the villages of Fremington, Barnstaple, Bishops Tawton & Monkleigh which are all nestled within about a 10 mile area in North West Devon.

The image is a golden falcon landing on the side of fortress that is protected by royal lion. Remember it as a “Falcon Fortress in Fremington”.

Remember that these are works in progress and that families have at times become entangled. I’ve done my best to sort that out and am submitting it for your review and update. If you have an update please make a comment on this post and I’ll review it and update as appropriate. Know also that there are other lineages of Babbs in the nearby area that ARE NOT related. So, make your assumptions carefully.

With all that said, let me introduce you to the 5th DNA Proven lineage of Babbs, the Falcon Babbs:

dna-05_-falcons-of-devon (Also known as Devon Pedigree 01)



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  1. I just stumbled on this blog and I am so excited! Dwight “Leo” Babb from Indiana is my grandfather and I’ve traced him to Phillip Babb: (i’ve just copied and pasted some of my notes).

    I’m so excited to see what you discover!

    William Babb b. abt 1831 in Tennessee
    m. Matilda Chaney
    They had 5 kids
    d. 1915 in Grant, Indiana

    William Babb is the son of Henry Babb (1808-1890) and Sarah Ann Haines (They had 12 children)

    Henry Babb is the son of David E Babb (b.1786)(born in Green, Tennessee) and Elizabeth White.

    David E Babb is the son of Thomas Babb (b. 1754 in Frederick, Virginia) and Martha Ewing.

    Thomas Babb is the son of Phillip Babb (b.1730ish in Frederick Virginia) and Mary Perkins

    Phillip Babb is the son of Thomas Babb (b.abt 1700 in Brandywine Hundred, Delaware) and Sarah Foulk

    Thomas Babb is the son of Thomas Babb (b.1664 in Maine) and Bathsheba Hussey

    Thomas Babb is the son of Phillip Babb and Mary Baylie(Plumlie)

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