The Somerset Dragons (of Somerset, England)

The DNA waiting game ended today, with an early Christmas present from Family Tree DNA. The results on our test candidate whose lineage originates in Somerset came back and matched on 36 of 37 Genetic Markers. This is exactly what you would expect to see of two 5th Cousins taking this test. This becomes our 4th DNA Proven lineage of Babbs.

What it represents is the first time that I’ve been able to accurately predict the line that someone belonged using the knowledge gained over the last few months. Combining these test results with the research available, I’ve been able to collapse 4 Pedigrees from Somerset County (Shire) into 1! But maybe not in the way you would think.


Here is how it worked:
Our two test takers are from the lines formerly known as Somerset Pedigree 01 and Somerset Pedigree 02. We had suspected a connection through John Babb and Ann Parsons, but were unable to say with certainty that the connection was concrete. While there might still be slight changes, today’s results greatly increased our odds, throwing the balance to the connection we had already suspected.


So, what about the other two lines?
new-babb-crest-somerset-dragons-2016_s-copyWe have united the first 3 Pedigrees into a single line that we lovingly call the Somerset Dragons. The Somerset Dragons are one of the oldest and largest lineages of Babbs in England originating in the Pitminster & Trull area of Somerset County (Shire).

The Crest used to represent this great house of Babbs is NOT historic, but a modern interpretation of what a crest for this family might look like. It draws upon the mascot of the County of Somerset, which is the Dragon and uses a similar color scheme to their current flag. Using mascots will help everyone to remember which lineage they are a part of. Only lines proven via DNA have a mascot and crest.
There are a total of 6 distinct (unrelated) lines of Babbs from England that we have documented with DNA thus far. I’ll continue to introduce them as I progress through the remainder of this project.

The 4th and final Pedigree (Somerset Pedigree 04) turned out to be a duplicate of Gloucestershire Pedigree 01, which is just across the County Line. William Babb who married Margaret Clark in Bristol on 16 May 1836 is also the son of John Babb (b 1794), who is the father of Gloucestershire Pedigree 01. So, I’ve merged the two lines into one.

So, without further delay, let me introduce you to the Somerset Dragons!

I wish you all a merriest of holiday seasons, whichever event you celebrate!



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