The Babbs of London, England

ian-henry-babbLondon is an ancient city, founded almost 2,000 years ago by the Romans. It is the Capital and most populous city in England. It has grown continually over the years and now encompasses an enormous urban area, known as Greater London containing 8.6 Million people. Place names have changed greatly as time has proceeded, so you will note the records can be found in a variety of places. But it all comes back to a portion of this great city. Note that many of the locations are now simply part of London

We find 4 Pedigrees of Babbs in this town. There were 3 accompanying Lettered trees, but they were redundant to the main pedigrees and I have eliminated them. Due to the great urbanization of London, there is little likelihood that these 4 families knew each other or came from the same place. They could be from any other part of the country.

Follow the links below to review the Descendants of each line:

Next up is the very large county of Somerset the 4 Pedigrees of Somerset contain more than 1100 people, so it will likely take me some time to get through those. I have already done some work on this region, so hopefully I’ll be able to leverage that to speed the process.


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  1. Hello Daniel,

    Just touching fingers over the internet.

    Ellen Babb, born in Somerset, died in London 1905, was my great-grandmother – she married Frederick Boccius, also of London.

    Look forward to meandering around your marvellous website.

    Allen Ives.

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