Stick a fork in it!

Fork_5You can stick a fork in it, cause it’s done!

I was notified today that the final touches are complete and the 1787 Seth Babb Homestead is ready for the Greeneville Greene County History Museum to decorate and put on display!

On Tuesday, Sept 15, 2015 the remaining repairs to the daubing were finally completed. In order to more efficiently and effectively get both the daubing completed and to finally install the weatherboards in the eaves, Canjoe John brought in Buck & Eddie Otey, who have assisted with the project at several different stages of reconstruction.

In combined forces, the three of them preformed the last remaining tasks on this phase of the project; completed the daubing repairs; removed any visible screws and modern building materials from the structure, eg, from any of the trim where the screws and modern fixtures had been errantly applied by previous personnel and we then re-secured the trim with invisible attachment; cut, fit, and installed the weatherboards in the eaves, with trim.

 10468040_537908896343205_2073706938111819076_oThe Babb Homestead is now fully ready for the museum to continue in the curating of artifacts for and in getting it opened to the public. Of course the next phases will include the planned landscaping, etc., but the building is now ready for occupation.

This concludes a 3.5 year rebuilding process and marks 11 years since the project was first envisioned at the 2004 Babb Family Reunion. I’m going out tonight to celebrate!


Photo Credits: 1787 Seth Babb Homestead, by Bob Babb of Pennsylvania Forks: By S B (originally posted to Flickr as Fork 5) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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