Roofing to begin Saturday November 1st!

We have contracted with a roofer and work is tentatively set to begin this Saturday, November 1st and is expected to last 3 days. The weather in Greeneville, TN is expected to be beautiful this weekend to aid the process. Due to an anticipated schedule delay with our previously mentioned roofer, we have made a behind the scenes switch to Kennedy Construction Company out of Kingsport. In order to get the roof on before winter they are working us in while taking a short break on the historic Netherland Inn (also in Kingsport).

Our new roof will feature a Copper Flashing drip Edge & chimney flashing to protect the underlying structure. Initially this will be bright in appearance, but will quickly oxidize to form a nice patina that will complement the paint colors. The shingles will be new and will also naturally age over about a 6 month period to match the rest of the structure.

Over the last 23 decades, the Homestead has had many roofs. This one will feature a tar paper like fabric hidden between the layers of shingles to make it as water tight as possible. In the end, this one will look as authentic as possible while at the same time being built to last.

The roof is the last major component of reconstruction to be completed by the Babb Family Association. The remainder of the park re-development will be conducted by the Fox Memorial Park Association & the Nathanael Greene Museum.

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