Updated Pictures of Seth Babb’s Homestead

There were several of Seth Babb’s descendants on hand for the one day opening of his Homestead in Greeneville, TN. One of them snapped these photos and passed them along to me, so I could share with everyone.

DSCN1037In these first two pictures DSCN1048we see the under side & front side of the reinforced stairwell. The treads were too thin to accommodate the modern American frame, so we used modern lumber to make sure there was never a failure with the structure of the stairwell. Once opened, this door will be closed to the public in order to maintain a historically accurate appearance.

Canjoe John played the fiddle for guests and explained details of the craftsmanship in the home. Note the size of the huge fireplace. Two artifacts from the Babb Farm have been placed inside the Homestead and will serve as display items once opened. They are a Grain Barrell and a device that sorts the hulls from the seeds (called a Winnower). In the final picture you can see the painted door/window frames.

DSCN1049 DSCN1039


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