Spring in Greeneville, TN

Spring is finally in the air in Greeneville, TN! It has been a long hard winter along the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains, but with warmer temperatures its almost time to get back to work. Mortar needs to be laid when the temp is above 50 degrees and this last winter provided little opportunity.

We have gotten most everything inside done and are awaiting work to start on the chimney. As we started to gear up to start the work, we have received another setback. The Stone Mason who was going to lay our chimney has gone on permanent disability and won’t be able to do the work. A different Mason who we previously considered isn’t physically capable to do the work either. So we are interviewing two potential candidates. This has delayed our kickoff date but the team members (Carla Bewley & Lois Blanks) are working to finalize an agreement and get the project kicked off as soon as possible.

That’s all the news I have to share at this time. The remaining work on the roof is held up until the Chimney is in place.

In the meantime we celebrate the passing of Winter and look toward a continuation of the warmer weather.

Repost: Originally posted on Mar 31, 14

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