Pre-sales starting now: “Echoes Along the Pecos River” by Barbara McAleese

One of our members, Barbara McAleese, is finalizing a book that celebrates the great Stories of “Cherokee Bill” Babb and his descendants.

The publication date is likely still a month away and it is named “Echoes Along the Pecos River” Ranch Life in West Texas and the time frame is about 1860 starting with “Cherokee Bill” then his son Bill Ike and continues with that line down to Barbara and her time spent on her grandparents’ Texas Ranch near Pumpville.

It is about the daily lives and hardships, to include murder, smuggling and jail time for some. Childhood tragedies and WWII losses just to name a few more items. The story comes from actual interviews of the family and stories they heard as children.

Barbara claims not to be a writer but merely tried to capture the stories in a way that will bring the characters to life. She included lots of pictures also! You can wait to buy the book on Amazon (about $14.95) or through this special offer get a signed copy of the first edition by emailing her directly at Pre-order yours today.



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