Progress on Re-Construction/ <$1000 to go

We are starting up work again this week on Seth Babb’s Homestead and hope to have the outside secured and complete by the end of this week. The interior work will take a bit longer while we finish raising money and getting a few other ducks in a row.

This week’s work will properly hang the doors, mill & install the windows, place shutters on the upper floors, complete the south gable, remaining outside chinking/daubing and seal the fireplace opening.

With the exception of the fireplace, at the end of the week we hope to have a finished product on the exterior.

The Interior and the Fireplace are the next stops on our route. More about those as they kick-off.

On the fund-raising front, we have raised an additional $550 taking our new total needed to $997. I’ve never been so happy to drop a digit in my life. 😉

Speaking of dropping digits, yesterday I officially transitioned into Full Remission from my Cancers! It has now been 5 year’s since my hand cancer and 8 years since my kidney cancer. Please join me in celebrating from wherever you are!



Repost: Originally posted on Sep 12, 12

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