Homestead Progress Report (10-23-2012)


I just got out of a very productive status meeting for the homestead and wanted to share some news. Lots is happening! In fact, so much is happening that I needed to put it into a chart just to keep track. I’ve attached that to answer most questions on what stands where.

The whole thing is color coded: Dark Green is for Completed items. Light Green is for items that are on track or nearing completion. Yellow is for items that need attention. Grey is for items that are on hold pending the completion of another item or have not yet been started.


We are knee deep at this time in planning for the Chimney. Several donations of goods and services are needed to make this happen and a little bit of fundraising still needs to take place before we can put it into action. But we are on the right track and meeting about every ten days to keep things moving forward.

We are awaiting signoff on several key portions and are also near a major milestone in the project of completing the exterior.

The doors and windows are mostly complete, but we are lacking the hardware needed to accurately complete them and are in negotiations with a Blacksmith to recreate some for us. We hope to have that deal finalized next week. This is a substantial unbudgeted expense.

Finally, the flooring for the 2nd floor is due to be transported back to the homestead next week along with the stairs and interior wall, thus making way to begin the interior work.

As always, we are still looking for donations to complete our work. Once I’m able to close out this next Milestone I will be able to give a more accurate picture of where we stand. At this time my best estimate is that we were roughly $1000 shy of our fund-raising goal before the door hardware issue popped up. Keep up the faith! We will get there and it will be fabulous! Dan

Repost: Originally posted on Oct 23, 12

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