On the Homestead stretch!

We have made some great progress on Seth’s Homestead over the last couple days. Good weather in Greeneville, TN has provided a “window of opportunity” and thanks to the hard work of Lois, Chris, Canjoe & Billy we were able to check off a variety of items on our task list. The windows are now installed giving us complete perimeter security for the first time. The trim on the doors, windows and shutters is complete, save for one upstairs shutter. That missing board will be addressed at the next good weather opportunity as will the Snowboard & Handrail & drop cloth. I’ve pushed the painting back into 2014 and have added two new items to our list for the foundation and roofing issues that have been identified. Chris will also be addressing the general site cleanup, additional cleaning of interior wall and debris removal in the near future.

Regarding the paint. After considering all the input, two paint colors have been tentatively selected (Revere Green & Brierwood Green). Canjoe is checking on the historical timeframe of those two colors to make sure we are within period. The plan is to paint the interior wall with the lighter green to keep the room bright and to paint the door and window trim with the darker color to carry enough gravitas to visually anchor the building. I’ve pushed the item into 2014 as there are not likely enough good weather days between now and then to accomplish.

With the recent progress we have 10 (45%) of the 22 total items completed, 2 (10%) in progress and 10 (45%) that have not yet started. I don’t believe any more work will happen before Christmas. I’ll forward another update as I have it.

Thanks to all who have helped to move this along during the busy holiday season! Canjoe has posted some great new pictures here: https://www.facebook­.com/media/set/?set=a­.385868961547200.1073­741829.23428943670515­4&type=1 Merry Christmas! (or insert your favorite holiday here)


Repost: Originally posted on Dec 23, 13

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