Improving on History

The new front and back doors have been completed and are awaiting the proper time to be permanently hung. We did our best to recreate the doors as the originals, but found that we needed to improve a little on history. 

 Modern security needs dictate a solid set of doors to withstand intrusions. At the time the first doors were built, the main need was to protect against attacks from tribal Native Americans in the regular disputes of that age.

But today’s attacks don’t use bow and arrows. Each door is two layers of period lumber bonded together to provide rigidity against mother nature and whatever else today’s world throws at it. The front door is almost 3″ thick and will provide a proper greeting for visitors. The outside layer is constructed of 2×12″ boards and the inside layer is made of variable width 1″ boards to keep light and the elements from working their way inside. Each door also has two supporting cross beams to allow for the strap hinges to be properly mounted.

The back door (Pictured) of similar construction uses two layers of 1″ thick lumber. All will be treated with an agent that promotes an aged look so they will appear as if they have been in place for many years.

3 people need to be present to trim and mount the doors. Calendars are currently being compared to find the right date. I’ll be in touch again as soon as I have the date info.

Repost: Originally posted on Oct 21, 13

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