Update on my research

I am still processing all the info from the NH State Archives and haven’t even begun on the stuff I accumulated on my trip. I was in the middle of it when I left and have been trying to complete it before moving on so I don’t lose my place and miss stuff. I’m up to Perkins alphbetically, so it shouldn’t be long. Once I have everything input I’ll issue a new edition of the Babb Families of America so everyone can share in the work. Expect that it will be a few weeks though. So, there has been some confusion about why I have been researching where I have. The Isles of Shoals are split down the middle by the modern State line of New Hampshire & Maine. But both were originally part of the Massachusetts Colony. Thus we must search in all 3 locations in order to compile all the records. Meanwhile Julia’s book has gone from a sales rank of 1,478,236 to 274,488 in the last few days. The Babb marketing muscle at work. 😉

Repost: Originally posted on Apr 21, 10

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