Shapleigh Connection

I made a Shapleigh connection to the Babb family finally. But it isn’t the one you might be hoping for. Alexander Shapleigh (Born 1585 in Totnes, Devon, England) is the maternal grandfather of husband of aunt of wife of son. To be more exact: Alexander’s daughter Catherine married JamesTreworgy. Their son Samuel married Dorcas Walton who is sister of Abishag Walton wife of Robert Taprill. Their daughter Grace is the wife of Sampson Babb (1-4). Kind of pointless but it was fun to figure out and it is yet another thread of a relationship that spanned the seas. I came across the name Shapleigh and had to research it to its conclusion. Those who attended the Devon reunion will remember visiting Totnes and the tightness of the Babbs & Shapleighs in that area. 2 more days till lift off! Dan ps. some other tidbits that came up today are: 1. The death of Robert Taprill at sea aboard the “Providence” 2. George Walton’s connection to witchcraft 3. Abishag’s sibling drowned in 1657.

 Repost: Originally posted on Apr 10, 10

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