Sampson Babb (1-4) Will

I’m beginning to get on top of this project rather than the other way around. I’ve put aside those first docs from MA for a bit while I focus on the ones from NH that are legible. NH has put its entire 30,000 page archives of state papers online and I’m processing those looking for clues. I’ll be posting finds as I come across them. I am putting all this in the master tree so the next release will have all the info. First up is Sampson Babb’s Will which is posted here:

http://www.myfamily.­com/group/babb/files/­113321769 At first this treasure trove of names provided me more questions than answers, but a little research yielded lots of interesting relations. As you will see when you read it he lists his wife Grace (Taprill) and all his children. But what was most interesting to me was the witnesses. They are: 1. Phillip Babb – This document is too late for it to have been his father but the name demands attention. It turns out to be Sampson’s Nephew (1-3-2) who is the son of Phillip and Grandson of Phillip of the Isles of Shoals. 2. Israel Hoyt (Hoit) – This was most curious to me as it is the name of Grace Taprill’s first husband. Divorce is unlikely so I looked around and found that they had a son who bore his father’s name. So, he is the likely witness here. He would be Sampson’s son in law. 3. George Walton – The name Walton also rang a bell. It is apparently Grace’s grandfather. Sampson apparently had a relatively good bit of wealth as the amounts bequeathed are generous for this day and age. Notice also that Sampson signed with an X indicating that he did not read/write. 4 more days till blast off!

 Repost: Originally posted on Apr 8, 10

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