More on Thomas & Edward Babb

I finally got to the Library to check out more on those early land records of Thomas & Edward Babb in Virginia. I have located the relevant Land Patents and posted them here.


You will find them in the “Files” Area and can request access if needed

Thomas received 400 acres between 1641-1646 on the Nansemond River in Virginia. This is near the modern day town of Portsmouth, Virginia (Not either of the Portsmouths that would come to mind for our family).

Edward Babb had his transport paid for by Edward Sanderson in 1639 making him the very first Babb in North America that I know of. Other than this where Sanderson claims his 50 acres for paying for the transport we see nothing else of him again.

We don’t have a proven lineage for either of these men but that is what we are looking to solve with the DNA testing. They are the people listed in tree #4 in Jean’s book, but we do not know if they bear any relation to Phillip of the Isles of Shoals (1).

Thus far my efforts to find a living descendant have come up empty, but I’m still looking. If anyone reading this has ancestors who hail from Eastern Viginia in the 1600-1700’s please contact me.


Repost: Originally posted on Jun 15, 10

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