Finding the Real Thomas Babb

I’ve been doing some more research about the Thomas Babb is came across in a Salem Courthouse. It was no surprise to find that Jean Sargent had discussed Thomas in her books. I’ve found the introductions to the 1 & 4 lines to be particularly interesting. It has been a long time since I reviewed them.

Most, if not all, of the Thomas Babb records of that day seem to relate to the same guy who was a Captain of the ship “Hopewell”. Jean discusses him as a possible father of the Eastern Virginia Babb family. He jutted all around the eastern seaboard on different transatlantic voyages bringing people to the new world in the 1630s.

He was in Saco, ME in 1636 which is north of the Isles and home to a significant Babb family presense. He got a land grant in 1641 in Virginia outside of the Suffolk area and brought several family members over. In those days whoever paid your passage got 50 acres from the government. The Thomas who testified in Salem would be more likely a son of his, than Captain Thomas due to his stated age.

So, it seems possible that This Thomas could be the brother or uncle of Phillip. But there are not enough remaining records to prove it. And that is about as far as Jean was able to take things using her technology.

What I intented to do is to find a descendant and test their DNA to see if it matches the descendants of Phillip (1). The importance of a match is this.

We know exactly where Captain Thomas was from in England and have a good bit of info about his wife and children. He is from Stepney an area outside of London. So, if there is an appropriate match will will essentially have proven our journey across the pond.

We don’t seem to have a single member of the Eastern Viginia Babb (4) family in our association, so I’m on the hunt for some.

One more thing, reading through various sources, I’ve come across the name Edward several times. Once in England as a relative of Capt. Thomas, Once in a plot of land (1639) in the same area as Capt. Thomas’ and once on the Isles of Shoals as a man who was there without his wife (1661). Could these all be the same Edward? Don’t know, but this does seem to be a common thread that ties all 3 together.

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Repost: Originally posted on Jun 6, 10

4 responses to “Finding the Real Thomas Babb”

  1. I am Janet Babb, of the Uriah Mack Babb line. Have traced the basic family back to a Thomas and Bathsheba Babb in the 1600’s. I would love to get a copy fo Jean Sargent’s book, but am having no luck finding it.

    • Good news, I am working on a replacement for Jean’s book that will encompass all that she worked on and then some. Please watch this blog for announcements coming very soon. As soon as I can get the formatting worked out I’ll let everyone know.

  2. Hi I have Babb in my family tree and Thomas Babb, or captain Thomas Babb but my name is repp. The oldest line I got to was the late 1600’s. Do you know if REPP is passed down from the years?

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