Jean A. Sargent’s Papers

Jean A. Sargent

Jean A. Sargent was the founder of the Babb Family Association and served as the group’s Genealogist from 1989-2001. In all she researched the line for 29 years and left the book known as the Babb Families of America, which forms the foundation of our understanding of the Babbs in America. She left 17,000 pages of documentation which we have digitized for you to peruse in search of solving your genealogical mystery.

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Designed for Researchers who want unlimited access to the collected papers of Jean A Sargent, who researched the Babb Families of America and Ian Henry Babb (who did the same for the Babb Families in England). In all 23,000 pages of documentation and correspondence. from their combined 60 year body of work. This collection forms the backbone of my book series “Babb Unabridged” and will include older editions of the books themselves as they become.

Jean A. Sargent’s Papers

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