Babb Families of America (1994) 2nd Edition

Jean A. Sargent

This work set the standard and was commonly referred to as the Babb Bible. Ina Mansur had passed away between Jean’s first work Babb Families of New England — And Beyond in 1987. So, Jean updated her work with all that she had learned in the ensuing 7 years.

This book remains largely intact, with only a few significant errors discovered between this and the 3rd Edition which came out in 2000. The 2nd Edition was a commercial success and having run out of copies she made corrections and did a fresh edition. But didn’t repaginate the book to avoid doing the index all over again. You may recall that she did not use a computer, so it was a heady task.

The third edition is virtually identical to this edition for those reasons.

As I mentioned, she famously shunned computers, never had an email address and did all her work on an Electric Typewriter. 99% of her work checked out and it would be 5 more years before I was able to begin stepping out of her shadow and making major discoveries of my own.

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Babb Families of America, 2nd Edition

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Designed for Researchers who want unlimited access to the collected papers of Jean A Sargent, who researched the Babb Families of America and Ian Henry Babb (who did the same for the Babb Families in England). In all 23,000 pages of documentation and correspondence. from their combined 60 year body of work. This collection forms the backbone of my book series “Babb Unabridged” and will include older editions of the books themselves as they become.

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