That’s right! We Are Back in Business!

Over the holiday weekend a patch was released for Family Tree Maker that allowed me to sync the changes from Family Tree Maker up to

It’s been 5 months since I was able to do this, and I was quite nervous. I’ve made a large number of changes over this time, but I had no idea how many until I was finally able to sync.


I was stunned to find out that in total I had made 6280 changes to the tree over the roughly 152-day period. That equates to about 41 changes per day for the entirety.

As soon as the sync completed successfully, I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I wouldn’t experience data loss.

Then, I stopped to think of what I was doing 5 months ago when the sync was broken by changes from Ancestry. I mostly drew a blank and then I remembered that I was asked to put out a second edition of a book I first wrote in 2001, by the name of Bagpipes on the Bayou which is the story of the Greig Family of Louisiana.

I first published the book in the quiet moments that followed 9/11 and the 100 copies printed are long since gone. However, new Greig generations wish to have their own copy and I’ve been encouraged by more than a couple to put out a new Print-on-Demand version so that it will never be unavailable again.

As, many of you likely have already realized, Greig (pronounced like Greg) is my middle name. My middle name is one of the things that started me on my road to genealogical discovery. I was never clear on how I got the name and I searched for about 2 years before finding the identity of the person whose middle name I bear.

So, I’m going to be finishing up the work I had started before the sync went down to put this book out. The connection of the Greig family to the Babb family runs through the mother of the Catholic Priest whose middle name I bear. It won’t be of particular interest to the Babbs on this list, but it is a keen interest of mine. 🙂

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