William Babb (d.1618) Arundel, Sussex, England

Today we survey a new Pedigree, that of William Babb of Arundel in the English County of Sussex. His will is dated 11 Jan 1618 and proved the same month. The line is currently known as Sussex Pedigree (Arundel 1618) and William is likely a cousin of the William whose Coat of Arms is/was located in St. Nicholas Church. William the elder died about 11 Jan 1617/18 leaving no heirs and William (with the Coat of Arms) wasn’t born until 1635.

As this is a new location in our tree, let’s take a brief detour to see some sights that William would have seen during his lifetime.

Arundel is a town in Sussex, England with a rich history dating back to Roman and Saxon times as an inland port and important market town1The skyline is now dominated by the gothic Arundel Cathedral and majestic Arundel Castle, which is the seat of the Dukes of Norfolk, set in 40 acres of sweeping grounds and gardens1. Both locations are very picturesque and are featured below and in the Cover Picture.

This website is a must see for some beautiful views of Arundel Castle.

The original castle was started in 1067 by Roger de Montgomery, the first Earl and one of William the Conqueror’s loyal lieutenants2Many of the original features such as the Norman Keep, medieval Gatehouse and Barbican survive3Between the 1870s and 1890s, the house was almost completely rebuilt and the magnificent architecture in Gothic style is considered to be one of the great works of Victorian England3. Arundel has had a Town Crier since 369 AD1The early Earls of Arundel (up to 1243) were often also called Earls of Sussex

Abstract of William Babb’s Will

It is apparent from William’s Last Will & Testament that he was not a poor man. He left roughly 100 Pounds + Land in his estate. The money alone was worth 2000 days of wages for a skilled tradesman. While not Gentry, he was landed and that put him at a higher social station. Here is a copy of his will followed by an abstract of the will. Keep in mind that the old calligraphy can be extremely hard to make out as a result of poor penmanship. So, the names should be taken with a grain of salt.

William Babb: Arundel, Sussex 11 Jan 1618
My body to be buried where it shall please my Executrix.
My wife Alice Thompson, widow and mother, one mourning gown at her daughter’s direction
John Henry, for my servant, 5P
Anne Sarremannen my servants
Anne Sarremannen and unto her sister Mary Sarremannen
Blanike (?) Thompson for my beloved sister Mary 50P and unto his sister 40S
Johane the wife of William Wisrorky 10P
Walter Hillary tenement the
Walter Hillary & William Wilcox a Mourning Cloake
Late Thomas Worley
Alice Babb, my beloved wife
William Barton, my God son of Suammerb Barton, gentleman, by Katherine my Sister and unto the heirs of the said William Barton for ever

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