Ernest Henry (Harry) Luther Babb: Master of the Arts

In addition to co-founding the Plymouth Argyle Football Club, Harry was a man of many talents! I went to to see if there were any articles relating to the founding of the club and found far more than I had bargained for. His name came up in 376 articles with only one about the Football Club. A great number of the articles are actually advertisements for the two Art Schools and later in his life for his live performances.

The remaining articles break down into a number of distinct categories:

Ernest’s life at his father’s Schools of Art.

First a student, then a teacher’s assistant and onto a teacher, the articles plot a progression of Ernest’s time at his Father’s Schools of Art.

Ernest’s formal schooling in London

Ernest went to what is now the Royal College of Art for his post graduate studies. At the time the school was named the National Art Training School. At the time the school was geared towards teaching future teachers.

Ernest’s professional life once he left the Schools of Arts

Ernest Gets Political

In the Hospital…or Not!

The single article in 1950 that mentions his time with the Plymouth Argyle Football Club.

The Passing of his Wife Alice Mary Davey


Harry & Alice do not appear to have had any offspring. He died 4 years later in 1953 in Marylebone, which is part of London’s West End.

This is just a fraction of the measure of Ernest’s life. He was a jack of all trades and a master of a least a few. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Earnest, or as his friends would call him “Harry.”

This article is the 4th and final part of a series based upon a family of Babbs in London from Plymouth and Barnstaple, Devon. Parts 1-3 are linked below:

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