A Watershed Moment!

I’ve been reviewing a self-published work by an Elizabeth A. S. Babb. She was in contact with Ian Henry Babb, my predecessor in the UK. He had several drafts of her work in his collected papers, culminating in a 63-page document that outlines the findings and records she reviewed in her journey. It was self-published in 1991, before the modern-day internet existed.

I’m sharing the full context of her work here publicly for the very first time!

There are facts that she could not discern given the limitations of information in her lifetime.

However, with the advent of modern computing, DNA testing and the Internet, those boundaries have shrunk to a point that we can actually confirm and reject her theories in this, the most important work of her life!

I’ll be parsing this document over the next week or so to give notes, corrections & revelations to her theories.

While she is no longer with us, I can only imagine her pleasure at the progress we are about to make in her name and through her work!

Without further ado let me introduce you to the most important work of Elizabeth A. S. Babb’s life! If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a Watershed Moment in our collective family history!

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