P. Babb – Kecoughtan, Virginia (1710)

This record unveils a Babb that was previously unknown to our tree. We don’t know the full first name, but the record provides a few details about him.

On 20 Aug 1710 P. Babb provided an account of the defects of the ship “Deptford”, that was captained by a Tancred Robinson, on what was lacking to enable the ship to perform her homeward bound passage to England.

The record is scant on details but provides a great clue in the address listed.

The entry listing “Kiquotan Road” referred to Kecoughtan, Virginia, which has since been incorporated into the Independant City of Hampton. IN 1710 it was located in Elizabeth City County. This is the assumed residence of P. Babb and has also been added to his record.

This location puts him squarely into the hands of the VA/NC Babb families. As there isn’t a single person in the tree for this area with a given name that starts with a “P”, and he is a probable member of the VA/NC Babbs.

Here is the full context of Captain Tancred Robinson’s Papers. P. Babb is to be found on the 3rd Page.

In the wild and curious history of the VA/NC Babb Families ever clue is sacred. This is but a fragment of their jigsaw puzzle that has an unknown number of pieces.

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