Babb Families of America, 2nd Edition now full text searchable

A recent question from a cousin made me realize that I had never converted the digitized copy of Jean A. Sargent’s Babb Families of America into searchable text. So, I’ve updated the file for this feature to exist.

You can now press Ctrl + “f” and conduct a full search of every word in the text. It will require you to download a fresh copy and conduct this search. While we have come a long way from the publication of that book 29 years ago, she tended to write the book in such a way that that certain info in her notes for one person would reflect under another person’s notes as she discussed options that she wasn’t sure how to settle at the time.

So, we’ve answered many of those questions at this point, but without fully digesting the entire book it would be impossible to know everything, which is my end game goal!

This will help as I refer back to her book at times when I’m unclear on a situation, I consult with her through her Papers and Books.

I’m still lacking a copy of the 3rd Edition that I would need to deconstruct and scan in order to have every word of hers. If you have an old copy lying around and don’t need it, please let me know. I’ll reimburse you for shipping and give you a 10-year membership w/Archives for your troubles.

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