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I started the last week trying to help out the Eastern Virginia/North Carolina Babb Research Group (The White Stags) try to make sense of their ancestry.

Then, in a quiet moment, I was sucked in by an email from a cousin in England regarding a Babb family in Ireland.

While researching that, I came across a record of a boat from Newfoundland, Canada that was captained by a Babb that was seized in the early days of the American Revolution.

Knowing that there are two disconnected trees in Canada, I decided to see if I could make progress on the other one. So, I decided to research the other Babb connection in Canada, which was in New Brunswick.

While researching the New Brunswick connection, I found that some of the apparent children of the immigrant ancestor didn’t belong to him.

I then started to track down the two erroneous children of this immigrant ancestor and found that they belonged to two very different lineages.

Along the way, I even found a Bathsheba Babb!

I’m trying to bring some sense to all of this madness and will start to unveil my findings in the next few days as I’m able.

I will start my posts with the misallocated children (there are two of them) which belong to 2 completely different branches of the Lions of the Sea! It is there that I will plant my sword in the coming days!

I post this, partially as a teaser, but mostly as a way of leaving a breadcrumb trail for myself to get back to where I started from. My mother is excellent at bringing home her point(s) no matter how many asides she has taken. My ADHD means that I’ll never achieve her level of mastery, but with this post, I hope that all my followers will keep me honest and not let me forget to cover all of these subjects in January 2023!

Happy New Year and many happy returns!


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    • Hi Rosalind! I don’t seem to have your correct email address. I was trying to reach out to you about the Newfoundland Babbs. I’ve got an upcoming post for them too, but with a very different angle. Stay tuned!

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