James Babbs – Estate Administration (1807)

While working on a Babbs line today, I inadvertently crossed into the lineage of the Maryland Babbs, which we refer to as the Green Men of Maryland.

James lived a long and, by the looks of it, a prosperous life. James is the likely progenitor of the Maryland Babb lineage and is likely the Immigrant Ancestor.

While much of the estate value was eaten up by debts and the administration process, there was still £30.9.075 in value that was passed along to his son Eli who is the sole beneficiary. James is known to have had two other sons who would both be living at the time of his death, but they are not provided for in the Estate.

In 1810 this Additional Final Account was made after a debt of £10 was collected, thus increasing the estate value to £40 total. While this isn’t a major sum these days 212 years ago it was a sizeable amount of money.

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