Margaret Babb – Postcard (New Mystery)

This postcard is currently available on eBay and is purportedly of Margaret Babb. The boy is not named, nor has the postcard ever been mailed. I’d place the image in the 1890s based on the tricycle design alone.

Is there anyone who can help place Margaret Babb?

Here are the available clues:
The seller is in Scotland, Franklin County, PA
The attire would indicate a Victorian period for the photo.
All white clothing in children of this age is typically an indication of Easter.
The boy in the photo may not be a sibling of Margaret as he is not named on the reverse. This could potentially indicate the card was given to the parents of the boy and thus they didn’t feel the need to write the son’s name on the back of the card.

Please post a response to this post if you are able to help us ascertain the exact identity of Margaret.

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