3 Generations of George Babb

I neglected to include an important picture of George Babb of Taunton in my last post. As I mentioned, his family and friends seem to have forgiven his trespasses and went on with their lives together.

This is readily apparent in this photo taken late in George’s life. His son George (1874-1962) is holding his own son who is also named George Babb (1909-1982). The grandson was born 14 August 1909 and George the elder died 14 Nov 1910.

The picture would have been taken in late 1909 or early 1910. The middle George lived in Plymouth, Devon, roughly 120 km (75 miles) from Taunton, Somerset. That is a significant distance by horse and buggy.

The Will of George Babb (1840-1910)

I also neglected to include a copy of George’s will, which gives some additional info about his children.

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