A Babb in Wales??

Amongst the Trinity House Petitions we find records for one George Babb who died while at sea. His widow is applying for assistance to support their 3 children. There has never been a Babb Pedigree that originated in Wales, so its mere presence was a source of confusion.

The application gives a great account of his life. It does not name the children but lists their ages. With the help of findmypast.com I was able to locate baptism records for 2 of the 3 children. I also found records for two other children that are not listed in the petition. A transcript for the key paragraph follows the image.


Familysearch.org pointed me to findmypast.com who had photographed several key collections. This unlocked a Marriage Record which lists George’s residence as Barnstaple, Devon.

No other supporting evidence was available, but this puts us back in Devon where I was able to find his likely parents, William & Mary (Oliver) Babb of Ilfracombe & Lynton, Devon. The dates are slightly off, so I placed notes with George’s birth info to that effect.

George’s Pedigree

George is a member of the line we refer to as Devon Pedigree (Thelbridge 1684) which now boasts 421 members.

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