Mystery Revealed: Conover, Babb & Co.

We are heading to the way back machine for today’s post. Almost 3 years ago I made a post regarding a Post Card that I found on eBay for a Conover, Babb & Co.

Here is a link to the original article: Conover, Babb & Co. – Babb Unabridged

At the time I wasn’t able to determine the Babb who was part of Conover, Babb & Co. One of his descendants has come forward with more information that helps clarify who he was. So, we are now finally able to put a name to this Mysterious Babb.

Drum Roll Please!

The Babb who became part of Conover, Babb & Co. is Thomas Clark Babb (1842-1890), son of John Way Babb (1801-1879). His full line is:
Thomas Clark, John Way, John, Samson, Peter, Thomas Sr, Phillip of the Isles of Shoals. (1-2-1-9-3-2-4)

Thomas’ line appears to have gone extinct from the Babb surname point of view. His father only had one son and Thomas only had girls. That would be where his line ends, and we wouldn’t know anything about him if not for one of his 2nd cousins hadn’t come forward with more information.

This little piece of Babb History can now be preserved as part of Thomas Clark Babb’s Legacy. 🙂

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