Copper Kettle “I. BABB” circa 1790-1810

This Copper Kettle is currently available on eBay. Before I begin, I feel the need to explain that the price they have for this is completely ridiculous! Its real value is more likely about $150-$250. I’ve found a variety of them that have passed through Auction Houses in the past. This item is in relatively poor condition as well with very visible significant damage.

Regardless, it tells a story of the early Babbs of Reading, PA. Given the location we can safely assume that it was made by one of the descendants of the Bavarian Babb line which we refer to as the “Blue Panthers of Bavaria”. The family came to America and settled in Reading and the surrounding area in Berks County, PA sometime prior to 1754. The father, Johan George Babb who was also known as John, of the line passed away in 1770, which is prior to the estimated date of this Tea Kettle. However, his son Johannes Babb who also was known as John is the probable maker of this Tea Kettle.

Below I have included images of the Maker’s Mark. The left is from eBay and the right is one that appeared on one of the auction sites.

This is the full image of the one that was auctioned:

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