Little Miss Nobody has a Name!

Sharon Lee Gallegos was born about 1957 and was kidnapped in 1960. She would have been 65 this year.

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Five Years Later her mother kept hope alive, but her relief never came in an all too often scenario.

We now know that Sharon was driven more than 500 miles from Alamagordo, NM to a desert in Yevapai County, AZ before being murdered and abandoned.

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No, she isn’t a Babb. But I have been inspired by the research Othram Labs did in bringing some piece of closure for the people of both towns. She was the little darling of Yevapai and the townspeople never forgot her, even raising funds to bury her and also for this research.

The mystery of who took her lives on.

Watch Tuesday’s announcement here:…/little-miss-nobody-gets-a-name

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