Devon Migration Map 1456-1600

The map has been getting much more congested than I had anticipated, so I’ve made some changes and will be restating the progress to this point in this message. In the process I’ve colorized the traffic patterns on the map to match the half of the Century they go with. I will likely have to make a few more compromises/updates as I move forward, so these are not yet set in stone.

Note: Remember that the full-size images are quite large, and you can reach them by clicking on each map.


1456-1500 – Courtesy of Bing Maps

In this period 8 locations are identified all of which are within a 30 Mile (48 km) radius of Highweek. At this point, we already see a connection from Highweek to Plymouth (note that both are port cities). As we move forward Highweek is the epicenter of Babb activities in the court records. Another town keep an eye on is Doddiscombsleigh. Incidentally, Highweek and Doddiscombsleigh are a mere 12 miles (19 km) apart. The remaining records are what I refer to as one-and-done having no apparent connection to


1456-1550 – Courtesy Bing Maps

In this period, we start to see the initial locations being mapped out. Highweek continues to grow and now has connections to 6 cities. Doddiscombsleigh is among them and also is reaching out to new locations in Northwest Devon that are nearby to the Y-DNA lines, Falcons of Fremington and Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh. These are potential ancestors of these lines.


1456-1600 – Courtesy Bing Maps

In the 1550-1600 period we find an ever-increasing connectivity between the various locations. I’m starting to suspect that this is really a single lineage of Babbs who continued to spread out over time.

This would mean that the subsequent Y-DNA Lineages we find in the area are actually descendants of a singular Babb family tree and that the different DNA lines we see today are a result of infidelities or unrecorded adoptions.

Too much of the record is incomplete to know for sure, but I’ll keep an eye on it as I move forward in this project to see if the theory holds against the data.

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