Southwest Devon: All Stops

As I move on to Southwest Devon, the next 3 locations, Devonport, Stonehouse and Plympton together only account for 9 records of the 156 remaining. So, this will go very quickly.

We start in Plympton which has the oldest record of the area. James Babb Married Jone Edwards on 07 Oct 1656. Plympton is the small oval shape in the left 1/3 of the map.

also, in 1683 John Babb was born to John & Florence Babb in Ugborough. They are not, however, the first Babbs in the town. In 1549 Sims & Dorothia (Hunwill) Babb were married there. No other records occur in the town in the interceding years. The red dots on the map show nearby Babb encampments as you approach the spaghetti bowl that is Newton Abbot.

Southwest Devon – Map Courtesy of Bing Maps

139 years later, the next event occurs, in Devonport when in 1822 Thomas & Eliza Babb have a daughter. There are several records here and in Stonehouse, but nothing significant.

We’ve literally come full circle in Devon, and this leaves just the big pool of 146 records that are only recorded at the County level. I’m not certain what I will find here. It might be missing links and it might be a waste of time. I’m pressing on to it now!

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