East Southeast Devon: All Roads Lead to Halberton! …well NOT ALL Roads.

I packed my virtual backpack and have moved to the areas to the North and East of Exeter. It’s not a big move, but a welcome shift in my mind. You’ll still notice a number of towns that I’ve been talking about in my previous posts on this journey. Much of what happens here will also be loose ends.

The stops are Axminster, Broadclyst, Burlescombe, Crediton, Butterleigh, Stockleigh, Thelbridge, Halberton, Thorverton (represented by the outlined area in the left center of the map) Uplowman, & Upton Pyne, Whimple,. These 12 locations contain 59 Records, the bulk of which are in Burlescombe, Crediton and Halberton.

Butterleigh, Burlescombe, Crediton all lead back to Halberton and continue to fill out the Gryphons of Halberton Genetic Lineage.

However, Thorverton leads to Heavitree which is deeply associated with Doddiscombsleigh. Heavitree is part of modern-day Exeter. This gives us another connection to the legendary Lords of the Mannor of Doddiscombsleigh. I still don’t see an exact connection to these records but it’s another missing piece of the puzzle.

I’m including a few interesting records from this visit. This record for Grace Babb was mis-indexed and points to the importance of obtaining the original record whenever possible. In this case the page has deteriorated so significantly that the jump from the Marriage at the top of the record to the deaths in the lower section aren’t as apparent. To the novice that created the index, they didn’t catch the switch.

There are only 3 types of records indexed by the church (Baptism, Marriage and Burial records). The example at the top is that of a Marriage, just as the page title suggests. Marriage records unsurprisingly show two names and a date. Baptism records generally contain the name of at least the father and at times the mother and date of birth. Only a burial record would contain so little information. Burials were accomplished within hours of death due to rapid states of decomposition. So, the Death and Burial is almost always on the same day.

This is one of my other favorites in the indexed records. With these no image is typically available, so someone has entered in the pertinent information. So, whoever set this database up thought it necessary to call out the sex of the Mother and that of the Father. I have no idea why someone would bother to call this information out. As much as I’d like to chalk it up to Political Correctness, it isn’t. The database was released in the 1970s, well before being PC was even an idea.

Anyway, there wasn’t much else to report for these loose ends. 523 Records remain as I finally exit the area and head to Devon’s Northern Shore!

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