Today’s Stops: Teignmouth & Combeinteignhead

Once again, I find myself back tracking to the outskirts of Newton Abbot. This time we are working our way up the River Teign, to cover the records contained in Teignmouth and the corresponding known families here and in nearby Combeinteignhead, which is barely a mile outside of Newton Abbot along the same river. This area is about 15 miles (24 km) from Exeter. There are 54 records dating back to 1620 and I hoped to unite at least 4 different Pedigrees that show a potential connection to each other.

Tiegnmouth & Combeinteignhead (Courtesy of Bing Maps)

As you learned from my post yesterday, I had some success. I have mapped out some significant trees and looked for every match that I could make given the data that is currently available in the database. There are a total of 8 small pedigrees, some of which are mere fragments and two have as many as 17 people. I won’t recount them all here, but they do show a real community in this town that was almost non-existent in our tree beforehand.

The most exciting development is the family tree that runs through Teignmouth, Combeinteignhead and Chudleigh which is named Devon Pedigree (Chudleigh – 1754) which now contains the old Devon Pedigrees of 14, 17 & 26. I wasn’t able to find a suitable match in the other Chudleigh Pedigrees at this time either. For now, they will sit and await additional info.

I’m down to 788 records remaining. I’m not sure where I’ll be setting my compass down tomorrow, but it’s bound to be an adventure!


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