Today’s Stops: Colyton, Beer & a connection back to Seaton

Today I (virtually) toured the earliest records of the town of Colyton. I noticed a random record on the to do list for the town that travels alongside Colyton’s southwestern border by the name of Beer. The record was much later than the others but it was alone and I thought I’d sweep it up with the trip. I didn’t see any other neighboring communities in my initial look through the remaining towns in the Exported Excel file I’m using to get me through this effort. So, I went about my business.

The very first record in Colyton gave an immediate match due to the rareness of the name Vincent Babbe. The other Vincent Babbe in the Master Tree was born in Seaton and was an exact match. I looked around for where Seaton was in proximity and found it was on the Southeastern border of Colyton and also adjoined Beer.

As you may recall, Seaton is the city in which I kicked off this journey through Devon (The Babb Garden of Eden 2.0 – Babb Unabridged – Babb Unabridged)

Given that the dates lined up and that the ONLY other time the given name of Vincent is present in England’s Babb Master Tree happened in 1960 nearly 400 years later it’s a pretty safe conclusion that these two should be matched. The tree initially had just 2 members at the time I first left Seaton and now has 14 people over 4 generations. This is exactly why I’m doing this research and it was a personal victory to see something line up! The tree now looks like this:

A secondary line started up in Colyton. The Progenitor Thomas Babb proceeds to have 4 children in the town. The line is brief before the paper trail goes cold. I’ve given the tree a slightly different name to indicate that it resides within Colyton, but it still needs to be explored along with the 10 other Pedigrees we have established from Seaton whose records are the earliest in the area.

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